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Congratulations!!! You have been invited to perform with “…the most exciting band on the planet... The world famous ‘MARCHING MOTION BAND”. You have made an excellent decision in choosing to
spend the 2023-2024, school year at Jack Yates High School, one of the largest historically black institutions in the United States. I hope you are ready to experience one of the most exciting and
rewarding ventures of your high school experience.

            All band requirements and information must be downloaded from the band website at . Be sure to read the information carefully as it contains important information for both new and returning students.
          First-year band members should also download music to be memorized. Should you need assistance or additional information concerning downloading band materials please contact Mr. Tyreke Cooper at  (713) 748-5400 ext. 020251 or We work in conjunction with a number of departments (Principal, Administration, Admission, Food Services, etc.) to make our program efficient and well organized, so please submit all documen
ts before the
advertised due date(s). Late submissions will cause you administrative difficulties and in some cases, lateness will jeopardize your band acceptance and may cause additional expenses to attend the High School. Please be sure to get your physical examination early and use the document(s) we have provided because you will be unable to rehearse or perform without your physician’s approval signature on the required form. There will be no physical exams given on campus UNLESS stated otherwise by the band staff.
             We have an exciting performance schedule this season, including our first game in DALLAS CARTER'S home stadium!
Come prepared to have a good time as we compete against other bands in HISD during the “0” and 5th quarters and perform for audiences in other venues around the country. Have a safe and productive summer and I look forward to seeing you on July 17th. It’s SHOWTIME!!!!


Tyreke L. Cooper, Director of Bands
Jack Yates Senior High School

MUSIC PACKET (All Traditionals)

MUSIC PACKET (not yet configured)

Frequently Asked Questions

Performance Apparel?

The Band performs “in uniform” all the time, but that uniform will change based on the type of performance.

The Marching Uniform is used for football games and marching contests. Band students should provide their marching jungle boots, black socks, athletic shorts that won’t show through the marching pants, and the Band shirt for football games and performance shirt for contests. Crimson dolls (twirlers) & Lionettes (dancers/ drill team) should provide dance shoes and appropriate wear based on requirements per year.

Red Shirt Uniform is for informal performances like pep rallies. Each student should wear the band-provided red shirt with tan-khaki shorts or pants, and athletic shoes. All articles of clothing should be in good repair with no holes or stains. Auxiliary will need to ask their sponsor for the recommended attire for that particular performance - this is a change from all-black last year.

During performances in the stands during cold weather, we allow the students to wear only certain items over their uniforms. Since we’re in the stands, we allow only letterman jackets or red jackets over the uniform in the stands. We also enable solid black items like hats and gloves when it gets cold as well. We do not allow scarves or blankets. Please remember you can also layer clothes under the uniform to stay warm.

Do I need marching band experience to audition?

Nope! Most new members of The MMB Band have no prior experience. This is normal for students who are new to the high school marching band.

Can I choose to only take the Marching Band or Concert Band?

The Marching Motion Band Program requires all students to participate in marching and concert bands. The marching band class is the primary band class for the fall and the concert bands are the introductory courses for the spring.

How do members of the MMB Band balance their school and band schedule?

The members of the Marching Motion Band Program are amongst the highest-performing academic students at the school. Largely because band teaches valuable time management skills that helps in core classes.

Do I need to supply my own instrument/mouthpiece/reed/


No you don’t. While we prefer students who can supply their own instruments and equipment to do so, we are able to supply instruments for those who are unable to. 

However, sticks are a little different. Each student will have to purchase a certain amount of sticks. Ask A director for specifics. 

What do I need for my first day of band camp?

  • Your Instrument/Equipment (Flag, Rifle, etc.)

    • Mouthpiece, Reeds, Drumsticks, Mallets, etc.

  • Comfortable/Flexible/Cool Athletic White shirt

  • Red shorts

  • WHITE Athletic Shoes

  • RED Coleman Insulated 1 Gallon Water Jug

  • Workout Towel

  • 1-Inch Black Binder w/Page Protectors

  • Pencil/Pen

  • Sunscreen

  • Chapstick (Non-camphor!!!)

  • Hat

  • A great attitude! :)


Marching Band calls for the memorization of about seven to eight minutes of music as well as specific positions on a football field. Please work to memorize the music as soon as possible. This will help you while learning the marching drill and just make the whole experience a little smoother.

Region Music

Members of the Varsity Band are required to audition for Region Band in November. This involves learning three etudes and performing them at a superior level to compete with other band students in our area. While the big goal is to advance to the All-State Band, the solo work on these challenging pieces develops musicianship and independence.

Our Organizations



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Instrumental Music ensembles

The mission is to encourage and promote academic excellence, instill a lifelong love for music and the arts in the MMB family and the wider community, and make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing leadership and life skills.


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Lionette Dance Team

 The nationally known Lionette Dancers are made up of select young ladies who exemplify exceptional dance skills, poise, and class. The dancers are featured performers in all engagements of the Marching Motion and occasionally perform as a solo act. 

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Crimson Dolls

The Crimson Doll Twirl group has been recognized as one of the most exciting auxiliary units in the South. The corp is known for its blending of traditional twirl techniques with innovative choreography to create highly entertaining presentations.

You can get a free physical at:
Bellaire Teen Health Clinic- @Cullen Location

5737 Cullen Blvd #200, Houston, Tx 77021

(346)286-3257 - Andrea Vick, MSN, RNC

Senior Manager, Nursing

A hard copy of your Physical is an absolute necessity before participating with the band in August.

Would you like to make a donation to The Marching Motion Band?

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