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  • How do I become a mentor/mentee?
    Register and complete your profile on the 'Join The Family' page. You can access this page from the home page. Either by the Pressing the 'Join Now' button that is closer to the top or at the bottom in the 'Join The Family' button
  • What if I am outside the Houston Mid-Town area?
    If you are outside of the Houston Mid-Town area, please contact us as soon as possible. We are developing a solid foundation here, so far we have established an excellent relationship with our Magnet Coordinators and Houston ISD Transportation. So getting accepted and finding transportation is a thing of the past. Please message us on the Contact Us page to provide more details on your particular situation.
  • What are the benefits of participation in Marching Motion Band
    For both teachers and instrumentalist: 1. Both groups will have the opportunity to grow, by both writing and presenting their music, conducting, and planning events/practices 2. Have the opportunity to informally network with other participants and professors. 3. Show case talents in regards to building a brand. No matter what age, they also can learn fashion design, writing proposals for grants, social media development, music arranging, crafting a website, instrument repair, and so much more. 4. Learn and retain the essential fundamentals to getting into college and obtaining the top scholarships 5. He/She will learn UIL solos that qualify for not only UIL solo and ensemble but it will also pass for College auditions
  • Does participation in MMB cost? If so, how much?
    TBA Fundraising options will be available in the near future!
  • Who can participate/register for the MMB
    Anybody can participate! We invite everybody from Middle school, High school, and even alumni in most categories. Furthermore, we encourage professors and vendors to come as well. Give insight on college experiences, sound critiques, sell merchandise and hopefully become a Sponsor.
  • How do I donate or become a Sponsor
    Every generous donation counts. We need financial assistance with water, Logo'd clothes, travel, and other endeavors we are planning to partake into Go to our home page and select the Tuba icon in the top right hand corner of the page or scroll down and select the become a sponsor/ Donate button
  • How can we book The Marching Band for my event?
    We'll be happy and honored to perform at your event. Please, just go to the Contact page and please provide as many details as possible about the event. We will definitely get back to you at our earliest convenience
  • Where are the Marching Motion Band practices typically held?
    Our primary establishment is on the campus of Jack Yates High School. Located on 3650 Alabama St. (on the corner of Alabama st. and Scott st) Houston, Texas 77004. Participants and staff will the notified in an ample amount of time if the location shall change.
  • What times are MMB practices typically held?
    As of Jan. 2023, We have been practicing on Monday-Fridays 4:30pm-7pm and Saturdays TBA Furthermore, practice times and date will increase as it get closer to the performance. Typically, we'll practice a full week before said performance and hold a short practice at the venue the day before the performance
  • Are the Rehearsals 'Open' or 'Closed' to the public?
    Due to the fact that Marching Motion Band has some participants that are minors, we will have to keep the rehearsals closed to the public, fans, and spectators. Only professors/ vendors that has been approved by MMB Staff and advisors can enter rehearsals on predetermined dates All others will need to speak to the band staff for approval and information regarding V.I.P.s
  • Is MMB year round?
    Under Construction: More Events will be updated soon We're working diligently on obtaining yearly performances. What we have so far? 1. UIL Solo and Ensemble assistance ( Starting in November) 2. Tuba Christmas (Usually in the second week of December) 3. College Audition Prep ( year round, advertising starts in January) 4. High Noon Showdown Drummer Competition. (every other year)
  • Do I have to have my own horn in order to participate
    Alumni/ College professionals: Yes. We recommend that you have your own instrument to participate Grade School Students: When you enroll into Yates High School, we will arrange for you to have an instrument

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