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How To Get Better Articulation

Using the concept to spitting rice is a great analogy in relation to Articulation... the reason being is because if you try to spit the rice far, it will teach you tongue placement and wind centering.

When directors say "Attack the note". Alot of times we have a mess conception that they're speaking of the tongue slapping against the lip or bridge of the teeth. When in reality it quiet the opposite. Lightly press the tip of you tongue against the teeth/Gum bridge, build pressure behind the tip of the tongue as if your about to spit a seed or annoying piece of hair and SNATCH the tongue backwards send it FLYING through the sky. Releasing the pressurized air. And THAT'S the wall of sound!!! THAT'S ATTACKING

" Music is an art, Music is free-flowing, but most importantly Music has to be felt and understood. Similar to the English language for instance. Well, when your conversing with an individual, it'll be nice be able to understand what their saying. Right? So articulations in music is the same way! You don't want to stumble over notes as if your stumbling down the stairs lol CLEAN IT UP! Every note, phrase, and piece of music should have its OWN identity”

“If you wanna go to the next level. Get some ear plugs. And while you practice tonguing, use the earplugs so you can hear what's happening inside your mouth. Clean THAT up and you'll eventually start sounding like a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich lol" -T. Cooper

When I was a senior in high school. I would walk around tonguing 16th notes. Making sure the jet of wind was getting stronger and cleaner. Do 16th notes saying the syllable 'tu'. Make sure you pronounce every 'tu', making them sound the same


For the Articulations, say 'Top of the T, Tip of the Tongue'. PRONOUNCE EVERY WORD!! And get faster and faster

And faster and faster


Then once it becomes funny and ridiculous lol. Then you should begin to realize that the particular phrase not only gets your tongue stronger and faster but it also shows PLACEMENT of the tongue while playing

So do this exercise...

long quarter note, two 8th notes, and four 16th notes, and a quarter note.... play this rhythm on one note going up the Eflat scale. Play the rhythm then go to the next note.

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